I love you!

March 12, 2015



January 25, 2014


I booked time off work today to attend an Aqeeqah. Cool huh?

OK here goes

September 11, 2013

Back to writing

As I traverse through stages in life I have realised that things which were cherished back in the day are most worthy at times of being resurrected, to enable one to connect with a part of his foundation

So here I am back to blogging, something which I cherished, and once throughly enjoyed

Itll e interesting to see how my writing style has changed, if indeed it has. 

i feel like writing

February 16, 2013

but dont

And Breeeaaath

September 11, 2012

What a long breath that was. Right, I’m back. Enough of this procrastination and let’s get down to verbal business. So verbal it’s insane, so commercial it hits FTSE 100 charts.


I am too funny. Oh yes I am. Time to straighten my ring, la7dhah shwayya..

Done. After losing 3.73 stones in 7 months my ring has become too loose. So loose it’s sometimes 110 degrees off. And so I moved it to my middle finger for better stability, but the other day Sh Assim ul Hakeem was staring at it (hardly surprising being THE ring it is) and advised me that it’s haraam to wear it on the middle. So I moved it back to the original finger – the one next to the pinky (right hand).

Oh my it just hit. Perhaps that why I’m back to blogging? The energy created by the ring connecting to the original finger emitting galactic synaptic responses pushing that Sussist button within my brain (under the chap hat) to bring a Sussist back to blogging



May 20, 2012

Really, I should get back to blogging

Let me take a deeeeep breath


December 13, 2011

Oh my Beasts

The Cave

September 15, 2011


Im back again. Back to a cave within my mind. A cave with mirrors. Mirrors so powerful, they generate light. Light so unique that it touches darkness and leaves it intact.

Light so uncertain, so baffling, so hypocritical at times. So difficult to read, so difficult to see. But it’s light it shouldn’t be difficult to see. “Light”. Unreal, false, far, unnatural. Deceiving.

So I find these mirrors uncomfortable for they emit an uncertain light, I wish to leave the cave but I am prevented. Prevented by ego.

Ego so cruel, ego so stealth, ego so destroying, ego so treacherous.

So I punch ego in the face and the light turns off.

It becomes cold, dark, wet and scary. There’s no energy flow, there’s no ambition, there’s no drive, there’s no sound, there’s no life.

Except for the sound of a hissing snake.

So I find a hole in the ground and fall through it. I come to an Oasis surrounded by curtains. Curtains so red, as red as a rose. I want to touch. I touch and it ignites. The curtains burn and the Oasis dries up. I stand in the dried up Oasis and look towards the red sky. I see stars.

Stars so bright, so far, so magnificent. I aspire.

My feet become wet as the Oasis begins to fill up with water. I run to the banks before I drown. But I’m too late, I drown.

So uncertain.

From Bridgwater to Plymouth to Honiton to Exeter to Penzance to Barnstaple, Devon.

A 2 month working trek. I stayed by the sea, I stayed in the city, and I stay in luscious green fields out in the sticks by the cows.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the southwest. Being back in the city has made me appreciate how much I actually enjoy rural and coastal England. The life is peaceful. I could see myself leaving the city to recuperate in the south west.

The people were ever so pleasant. I did fall in love. A few tried to convince me to move down.


I dreamt of becoming a star. But that dream is fading.

I am in Ramadan, but I’m not quite with it.

I don’t feel like I’m present, I feel absent.

I don’t know what the near future holds in store but I hope it’s good.

We are made of clay. Moulding yourself into something different from the mould machine you’re currently attached to is never going to be easy.

I feel strange. There’s a strange hijacking of my senses. Perhaps it’s good to sleep now.

Under The Weather

February 24, 2011

I feel a bit under the weather today. I pray that Allah my Lord restores me to full health by tomorrow.

Being under the weather means that daily targets are put on hold. And I don’t like putting targets on hold.

Feels like the train I’ve boarded has broken down and all we can do is pray, hope and wait till the engineers firstly get to us and repair the problem.

But, this is Allah’s will. Perhaps I have avoided a massive collision by me breaking down. And so we are happy and content, and not angry