The Sussist

December 5, 2007


I feel like I’ve just landed in some new land on my private jet plane. The doors have just opened, and I stand looking upon a new land in my chap hat as a mild breeze dances past me.

I am The Sussist.

From suss, which means to figure out.

That’s right, I suss things out. Through the possession of sussism. Spot-on sussism. Fallible sussism. Anyhow, I am The Sussist.

And this new mind home will serve to strengthen, nurture and build me. With God’s will.


4 Responses to “The Sussist”

  1. the procrastinator. said

    To Abu GG . Inalilahi wa ina ilayhi rajiun.

    To the Sussist. Mubaraak. May you be successful in your endeavours. god willing. ameen.

  2. Editor said


    Ahlaaaaan beeeeeeek!

  3. zremmas said

    hm, its the end of an era…

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