Innits and Yards

December 11, 2007

Third time defeat. I thought this time I’d battle through my dishevelled look as I attempted to grow my hair out to below ears stroking upper neck. But the intermediate stage got me once again.

Got in my motor and headed for A&D Salon, parked up and headed to the front door to find it CLOSED. Disastrous. This was one haircut I looked forward to after about 3 months. Counted to 100 just incase Jassi had gone for a toilet break. 1..5…78..99..100. Shucks. Got back in my car and drove to Hairfields. The only thing that keeps me away from this place is that it’s too cheap; £3.00, so they can’t be over obsessed about providing quality.

Owner goes by the name of Bilal (name substituted) I think, whose getting married to an arab in Dubai in a couple of weeks inshaAllaah (mashaAllaah, congrats to him). Alot of the gujerati ‘bad-boys’ come to this joint. Beep at him from outside in their music blasting cars. Bilal has a worker who’s a freshy. But I preferred to go to Bilal. But after 5 mins of waiting I decided to take it up with the freshy.  Who did an aaallllrriiiiggggghhhhttttttisshh job.

Bilal took a fag break between haircuts. And he also took a long toilet one too and left some middle aged white man who I was surpised to see on his chair. During his fag break, he made a phone call. It was full of stuff like innit, and yards, and stuff like that. I don’t like that stuff. I think it sounds dumb. I don’t like guys that sound too asian like. Like uneducated guys on the streets. I normally enjoy the diversity of culture. But this culture’s just cheap. I saw some guy yesterday in a hoody on the phone chatting breeze on his mob. Proper rolls eyes scene.

I miss my Brum haircuts at Dino’s . They were the best I’d ever received. 1.5 tapered low fade with enough substance at the top to do something with.  


One Response to “Innits and Yards”

  1. Salmaan said

    i think its more of a case of lost identity, and a mix of kala-ness and a willing to become more accepted in society.

    The problem really is that these guys who took like you mentioned look up to others who talk like that and hence copy the way they talk. The solution is for such people to be shown better role models and people in society to look up to so they can emulate them.

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