The Secret Millionaire

December 12, 2007

I just watched a programme on Channel 4 about a Pakistani Millionaire who came to the UK when he was eight. Bullied at school, he didn’t have any pakistani friends around him who he could seek consolidation in and retain his culture. Defeated, he took the culture of his host community and westernised himself. He’s now married to a white english lady, lives in a beautiful house somewhere in the outskirts, has beautiful daughters, and drives a beautiful car. And, owns Waterworld (I think the name was) which has brought in his millions, and made his first million when he was just 30. (most of all though, he had MY 1.5 tapered low fade haircut)

Having been so out of touch with his pakistani culture and his own people, he decided to spend ten days in a lower-class area in Leeds – a typical pakistani area. You know, loads of terraced houses and shops owned by pakistani uncles. Rented out a place, and got to know the people there whilst being an undercover millionaire. Learnt of their community-positive projects, and decided to help them out with a relatively decent amount of dough after coming out in the open on his farewell day.

Was quite touching, I must admit. It was nice to see the joy on the positive workers’ faces who worked voluntarily for the benefit of the community. To get the youth off the streets where corruption in those areas especially is rampant.

And once again, we were reminded of those ghetto conditions that alot of our Muslim brethren find themselves in. Uneducated, on the streets, smoking weed, rockports with trakkies (more a Brum thing), foul mouthed, and lacking etiquette. Having lived in the heart of it all; Alum Rock (or ‘The Rock’) in Birmingham, I’ve been flooded with exposure to it during my 3 years there. 

And in all honesty, I’m sick of it all. Why is it our youth that involved in all this debased stuff? Why do they have nothing better to do than hang about on street corners smoking spliff? Were they not given a chance? Was not education handed to them literally on a plate? Why have their parents not encouraged them to study hard? Were they too busy trying to make enough money to send home to their khandaan whilst forgetting about their kids? What’s wrong with our people?

Why is that you don’t find areas in the UK congested with Indian Hindu youth smoking weed all day doing absolutely nothing? Why is it that my lecture theatre was full of Indian Hindus from London, and 5 min drive away you had Pakistani Muslims in dealing in crack, blasting loud Music?

Loads of questions. We need answers. We need to sort these people out, and civilise them, and give them new role models.  We need them to attain a high standard of education, and get respectable jobs and seek pleasure and a ‘kick’ from civilised Halaal lawful things.

Are there not enough people on the ground trying to convert these good-for-nothings to people for the community?

We need to be ahead. We need to keep our Muslims out of prisons. We need to get them decent well paid jobs. We need to instill in them self-respect through achievement of all that which is good. We need to be a source of benefit for the British community as a whole.

Stereotypes are applied to Muslims whether we like it or not, and we have to work to rid our community of them. We cannot just sit back and blame them for being stereotype. We need to make an active effort to rectify. We need to be models. At the moment, we’re a bunch of backward, disconnected, uneducated, not-with-it, criminal people. Like parasites – feeding off host community but not providing any benefit. It’s not nice to be looked down upon, and it’s not nice to be the victim of stereotype, but we NEED to make an effort to remove it.

Let us begin the process of change. Let’s get the ball rolling. This should be one of our main priorities if we wish to see Islam in Britain progress. We need to be accepted, trusted and enjoyed.

This is the vision:

An educated community of integrated British Muslims who are in the forefront. Decent jobs, out of crime, off the streets, occupying powerful seats involved in decision making. Well trusted, and in touch with their faith which is the foundation of their success. Respected, powerful role-models for the rest of the British.

At the moment we’re far far away. But we will change that inshaAllaah. And we will outline how inshaAllaah.

And then I’m gonna ask Mr. Secret Millionaire for a £2M donation. Hope you’re reading richboy!


3 Responses to “The Secret Millionaire”

  1. Wafa said

    Well written and thought about. We can’t blame the parents who work hard to put the food on the table and a roof over our heads. A base is the strongest foundation of any strenghth or problem, which in this case needs to be tackled at its base, and not just brushed clean from the top.

    Speaking to the youth of today’s society, (as young as they may be) is a better shot to fix this problem–a change in one’s perspectives is easier to do than to change one’s way of life.

    Inshallah I do hope for the best, whether it’s the Muslim British, Canadian, American, or ANY society for that matter.

  2. Salmaan said

    That programmes cool.

    comparisons shouldn’t be made with other communities. As muslims we should be leading from the front and be a beaming light or beacon in the society.

    Although you find certain communities which may be messed up like the brummies you mention. There are however within the community very active abled individuals who are doing well for themselves and others.

    We should be grateful that we have qualified professions and educated people still within such communities and are not a lost bunch of people living like estate people.

  3. Blahblah said

    Many of our Pakistani lads are too hedonistic..they seek short term pleasure without thinking about the long term consequences.

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