The Jewel of Virginity

December 15, 2007

What a jewel? And how even more valuable today?If you’ve lost your virginity before marriage and feel bad for what you have done, this read may dishearten you.

Today, when so many of us are indulging in sex outside marriage and normalising it, it becomes even more imperative to remind us of the elegance of this jewel.

Nobody wants to eat an apple already penetrated by an insect. It begins to rot. And the healthy ones around it appear even more red and juicy. It follows the rule of environmental standards. Like the one-eyed man becoming king amongst the blind. Dirty, dirty apple. Pluck it off and throw it away cause it’s visually polluting and attracts the sicklings amongst us. Today though, most of them are already penetrated by insects, and some have rotted so bad they poisen (AIDS). The one or two amongst them which havent are shiny red or green, and VALUABLE. 

Most of them once they pop can’t stop. Until it becomes an addiction. A drug. And boy, does it destroy? Even if the guy has no intention to marry, she cannot leave him cause of the sexual addiction. And he enjoys, and enjoys more. Until he leaves and she get’s into a relationship with another who she beds a week later. 

She begins to get talked about. And she fears that one day it will reach home.I’ve heard of some that are threatened to continue sleeping with him or else he’ll tell her family, and he has. I’ve heard of others who have taken the pill (although advised by doctors they’re unsuitable for the pill) and rendered themselves infertile. I’ve heard of others who get passed between friends, and being the low-esteemed girl she has become with no self-respect coupled with her addiction to sex, she hoes it out. And how many have ran away from home after becoming pregnant or committed suicide?

It truly is sad to come across these poor souls who succumbed to the temptation when it was most easiest to resist i.e. when they hadn’t been plucked. You can’t help but feel sympathy for the damage it does to them psychologically, and how Satan has an open field to play his games on. And the physical damage, of which many men would be able to see signs of once they get married. What you gonna do? Tell him you’ve been plucked before you marry him, or wait till wedding night for him to find out? What a predicament. You gonna take the chance of him being a noob who won’t notice?

You become an object of play for the carnal desires of men. It’s a nasty circle of emotion; Your degraded self needs some uplifting, and it’s another man who makes you feel like your worth something until he satisfies himself with you and moves on. You become worthless.

And I don’t emphasise the elegance of the Jewel merely due to the forbiddance of extra-marital sex in religions. I also emphasise it because it truly is amazingly prestigious. An exalted and noble state. Natural beauty at it’s best. Contamination is always murky and horrid.   

Sex is one of the greatest joys in the world, that unique special experience should be shared with somebody whom will cherish it with you for the rest of your lives. Your bedroom secret. Your hidden smile and coveted grin. Your personal veiled garden of memory. Your permitted pluck. So wait for that moment, and make it special. Don’t make it dirty, and don’t waste it with feelings of guilt. You can do without the guilty murky flashbacks everytime your spouse and you decide to sleep. Don’t waste it. Sex does really make love. It’s not just a mechanical action. You create feelings of closeness for one another. You become one – at body and heart. So anticipate it’s distinctive memorable moment.

And dignity and self-honour is another issue. Why degrade yourself? Why feel like crap? Why flush your self-esteem and live in a slummy mindstate? Remain precious. Remain eminent. Remain lofty. What a good feeling to fight degradation for honour? What a good feeling on the wedding night to be crowned a proud queen with all the love in the world?

We need some Proud-To-Be-Virgins society or something set up for awareness of this forgotton gem. Not like Britney’s fakeness a couple of years ago. Someone needs to take it up.

And this post was aimed more at women, although men are just as sinful. But it was targeted more at women due to the extensive damage it does to them alot more than to men.  

Remain a virgin. Be that jewel. For a virgin before marriage will always remain a virgin for her husband.


5 Responses to “The Jewel of Virginity”

  1. NUNU said

    I take it you haven’t heard of Rhydian from x factor then?

  2. thesussist said

    Rhydian ought to be highly-rated in that regard. He has done very well and being a celebrity, a rather modern celeb, is transmitting a GREAT message. Brilliance.

  3. Homayra said

    “Why flush your self-esteem and live in a slummy mindstate? ”

    I think low self-esteem is one of the reasons which leads to this not just lust or preassure and then later on that fuels guilt which leads to another drop in confidence, it’s a cycle.

    What soulutions would you suggest to keep women from falling in? And though you said men are less suspectible to these negative effects, is this problem prevalent among them too, after all in a certain perspective they have “less to lose”.

    Good Read.

  4. I’m a proud-to-be-virgin!

    I will start a club! And only virgins can join!

    Little Miss Hijaab Head aka mujaahidah

  5. the invisible man said

    Assalaamu alaykum,

    Very interesting article. Jazaaka Allaahu khayran.

    Anyone heard of the word ” Hayaa “. Try looking it up sometime.

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