January 16, 2008

This is a picture that was recently displayed in The Daily Mail. How disastrous?

It paints a new picture of those under the veil from the modest to the bad-mannered ghetto style confronts.

One wonders what the photographer must have done to trigger such a response from veiled Muslim women. Without reading the headlines, one would think perhaps the women were hurled abuse at, or mocked for wearing the veil, and so a response as such was “well-warranted”. The picture is oxymoronic. It’s like showing a pig that can fly. It’s shocking. And to add to it, they’re older women (who are meant to be even more civilised) with children!

So therefore, the photographer must have been extremely provocative.

The article in fact was talking about Muslim no-go areas. Areas where non-Muslim whites are NOT welcome. And so, in context of a couple of stories outlining the experiences of unwelcome whites in areas in Birmingham, the picture now merely shows a white photographer taking a picture in one of these Muslim areas and getting two fingers stuck up at him for (i) being white (ii) being in THEIR area, by Muslim women mothers who are meant to be the cultivators of Muslim youth.

Musta been a healthy bonus for you, chap with the cam.


7 Responses to “Disastrous”

  1. thesussist said

    I think you are more than correct.

    A clear smile can be seen on both it seems.

    Truly disastrous.

    Truly not the way of a Muslim woman. Defies femininity to say the least.

  2. UAMS said

    I don’t think it’s so disastrous. They’re using language the photographer will understand. Maybe now he knows niqaabi’s aren’t willing to take crap. Ok so it’s not something I would do but hey..it makes a good pic 🙂

  3. Umm Khadijah said

    Drop your holier than though attitudes…

    This http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/6970298.stm is disastrous.

  4. thesussist said

    Might as well be holier than though.

    I think people have misunderstood what Usama Hasan is trying to say regarding the headscarves. It is definitely not a wise move to say that the even the headscarf is questionable by some. But I really don’t believe it’s the opinion that he holds. Sounds like something that slipped off his tongue, which wasn’t a lie, but not very wise.

  5. the invisible man said

    Asslaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh,

    Before anyone starts believing that the women in this picture are muslims, why don’t we try making some excuses, because we don’t really know for sure that these women are muslims for sure.

    The Daily Mail could have easily paid some women to dress up as muslim. It’s not that difficult to walk into a shop and buy all these clothes and pretend to be a niqaabi woman.

    Don’t underestimate the lengths that some of the disbelievers will go to in order to dis-credit this Deen of Truth.

    A story like has the potential to do alot of damage to muslim-non muslims relations. The authenticity of this photograph needs to be questioned. Otherwise we might as well be a bunch of sheep who lend an ear or an eye to everything they see or hear and then believe it without questioning it.

    We are under an ideo-logical, intellectual economical, political as well as a physical attack.

    Let’s not help them by believing everything they publish without questioning it.

    Assalaamu alaykum

  6. thesussist said

    A fair observation.

  7. alistiqaamah said

    And they said the niqab was a barrier in communication. Seems this sister conveyed her sentiments very well alhamdulillaah 🙂

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