Does Child Personality Stick?

January 20, 2008

Or does it not?

It’s an interesting question.

Many of us have memories from our childhood of our personalities in how we dealt in certain situations and scenarios, that still crop up today and mirror our personality back then.Some of us may have been alot more shy than others, known by the teacher to be that very quiet girl or boy.

Others alot more loud and explosive, known by the teacher and parents to be as such.

Do these personality traits actually travel with us through age sticking to us?

A personality is one of the mysteries of life in my opinion. You wonder sometimes if they have a genetic link, as I have seen similar traits in certain siblings that may have lived far away from each other for most of their lives. Or for example anger, you might notice that a father becomes angry very quick, and so does his 3 yr old boy. Genetically linked? Perhaps. Just perhaps.

What exactly determines personality? It could be a series of events that mould your brain-wiring as a child i.e. your personality. And this brain-wiring sticks cements and sticks with your for life and becomes an integral part of your personality. Perhaps you worry very easily. Perhaps you’re very shy. Perhaps you’re always very self-critical?

An important differentiation that has to be made is between personality and behaviour. Personality is the brain-wiring that takes place. Behaviour is how you choose to express it. So someone may generally be a very shy person, and this sticks with them, and they’re constantly very shy of people, even until adulthood. However, they learn to manage their shyness and conceal it’s extent, and behave in a confident way. But the feeling of shyness is still present.

That’s why upbringing is very important. The child is still in it’s plastic period, and events can contribute to the brain-wiring that’s taking place. But how long does this plastic period last? Does it even end? It’s a grey area. Perhaps it’s different for different people?

In my experience however, from my childhood, I know certain personality traits have remained and taken root. Some I thrive on, others I supress.

At the end of the day,

It all comes down to whether you’re a Sussist. Sussist have plastic periods lasting a lifetime. The brain-wiring takes place constantly at 53,002 synaptical impulses a millisecond. Even now. Truly amazing. Blessed Sussists.



5 Responses to “Does Child Personality Stick?”

  1. AbuU said

    Is it just me or have your posts lost the ‘umph’ they used to have…e.g like the ones at uni!

  2. thesussist said

    Abu GG is dead. I killed him. I am The Sussist. Love or hate.

  3. AbuU said

    You do know that to kill in Islam is not allowed!

  4. UAMS said

    hurry up and write a new post! (just remember..once a snitch, always a snitch :p )

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