Spinach, Kale n Bloody Assessments

February 1, 2008

Another night yet again. Why am i even suprised. I don’t even know. Wow i just raced 5 years ahead and thought back to this time looking into the past history.

Anyway, here i am again lay in bed not knowing what the fffruitcake to write. I’m bored. Just had a shower. And my hair’s still wet as it presses against the pillow. Life goes on though.

I don’t know why my nassa (nostrils) are pakke de (cooked). I may have something coming along. May Allah keep me in good health.

I’m lay on my back and my neck’s beginin to hurt. I think i’m gonna turn to my right and write laterally. Bear with me sir..


I’ve become a health freak. A firm believer and activist of 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I don’t think it’s sufficient to ask God for a long healthy fit life n then live off takeaways n junk. You need to make an active effort. By eating healthy. This is how i do it.

Breakfast: 2 weetabix in semi skimmed milk with a tablespoon of honey and a pinchful or two or three of mixed seeds. Absolutely delicious.

Washed down with a glass of tropicana juice with juicy bits (that’s one portion)

Lunch: Tuna sweetcorn sandwich with one tomato (second portion.. Lycopene prevents prostate cancer iA)

3 hours later at 4: A carrot (third portion)

Dinner at 8: two rotis with some curry and loads and loads of raw spinach leaves and kale (fourth portion.. I learnt about these two in my lectures at uni for their anti oxidant properties which play a role in preventing age related macular degeneration (cause of blindness and deterioration of vision)

About two hours later: A pear apple or banana. (fifth portion)


Ma3asalam nyt


4 Responses to “Spinach, Kale n Bloody Assessments”

  1. NaNaa said

    Wow. Is that all you eat through out the day? thats it? nothing else?

  2. Aisha said

    It’s tragic how the size zero concept has infiltrated the minds of these impressionable youngsters…

  3. UAMS said

    mmmm lasagna, mmmm chips, mmmmm fatty fatty food! Who needs to be skinny :p

  4. thesussist said

    More or less what I eat on an average weekday plus a couple of biscuits with elaichified tea in the evening. Bought some Club choc bars so gotta make use of em I suppose!

    UAMS: Mmm indeed. But you can still takeaway healthy. BBQ Base for example. Or Al-Baik. Their garlic sauce is amazing!

    Aisha: Haha

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