Scummy ASBOs

February 2, 2008

I can’t stand them.

Council estate little rats in hoodies, trakkies. Smoking, bopping and just being a waste of space.

Visual pollution, sound pollution, and smell pollution. I’d much rather walk past a pile of butcher’s waste.

At work, we’ve had two robberies from the staff room. Which was quite saddening really, as it’s upstairs and so we thought it couldn’t have been anyone in the public. So suspicions around fellow work colleagues arose.

Today we caught a lil rat scurrying up the stairs and when caught exclaimed ‘i js wanna use the toilet!’. Lying piece of crap. Whose mate who was waiting outside whispered ‘did u get it?’.

And I caught two shoplifters. Men who again looked like council estate junkies. I confronted him and he pulled it out his pocket and goes ‘What, I havent got anything’. So dim. Whose lanky mate who looked like he hadnt bathed for 3 weeks was meandering around like a dirty sewage stream. Shoo.

It’s a problem we have.

Oh and the ASBO girls? Urgh, I don’t even wanna go there.

Police need more powers to deal with them. Clear them off the streets, and prevent them hanging around public places in gangs. We need to confront this problem, and address it from root level as to what creates an ASBO in the first place. Guess alot of it comes down to education.

Well, education in this country of ours is mashed. Maybe our government should spend more of our money here in Britain making our lives better as opposed to tryna rescue Iraqis and Afghanis and whoever else they’ve invaded as Batman.

Sillyness today knows no bounds.


One Response to “Scummy ASBOs”

  1. Salmaan said

    What got stolen? hope none of your stuff did.

    Doesn’t the place you work at have CCTV.

    ….. sounds like you got an ASBO infestation just like you can get vermin infestation of mice.

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