Inner Garden

February 20, 2008

It’s cold outside, rather nippy I said. Guess my left hand is gonna freeze on the way to work tomorrow, as I’ve lost my left glove.

It’s a skill to create a garden within your chest. A garden the rivers of which nourish the Happy Meter. So no matter whatever happens on the outside; the events unfolding infront of you, or the way people treat you, you have the comfort of retreating to a sunray-filled garden to walk therein in tranquility, rest on it’s rocks and lookup to it’s treetops

 A place where you find peace. Your anger dissolved, your sorrows diluted, your feelings warm. And when you enter therein, you physically feel a warmth in your chest. Warmth from the sunrays within.

It cannot be created except with contentment with who you are, and contentment with your surroundings, and realisation of the transient life of this world coupled with the firm belief in God’s decree over all things.

All things are from the Owner. And will return to the Owner. You’re just a spec, with a vast garden within your chest in which you reside and smile. Knowing that one day, you will, God-willing, be a tangible object within a Garden even better than it. 


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