I was actually ill

February 28, 2008

The other day when I said I couldn’t be bothered to finished the post is cause I was in actual fact ill.

Next day at work proved to be a horrid and difficult day, and the same evening found me to be even more drained and energyless.I find that if I have paracetamol before I sleep at night and then sweat during my sleep, I feel much much better the next day.  So I did that, sweated, and awoke in a much better state the next day.

Next day was thankfully my day off, and so I spent the day resting at home infront of the telly. I watched loadsa telly, was quite nice actually. Plenty of ‘Me Time’.

I cooked for the first time too! Made chick pea curry properly, making the masala first and then adding the chick peas with haldi zeera and other sprices… tasted rather pleasant if I may compliment my own cooking! (I mean I might as well compliment my own cooking since I don’t hesitate about complimenting my other fine God given talents!).

Everyone is good at doing something, and for me it’s just being myself. I’m a star at it. I am the Bee’s Knees and the Cat’s Pyjamus when it comes to being myself. I mean, who can claim being better than me at it in this world? NOONE!

Oh I love it. 


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