Solo Diamonds

February 28, 2008

It aint cool to have loadsa friends and mates.

Throughout my life, upto now, I am not one to associate with many friends and mates, hanging out together loads and being homeboys.   I’ve had a couple of friends, but even them not like jugular vein close. You feel me?

I aint saying it’s wrong to have many friends, sometimes and some people just can’t help having loads of them. I just aint one of them. I don’t look upto it neither, nor do I use it as a criterion as to whose the coolest of them all.   

I have met some real diamond people throughout my life, and I mean DIAMOND like them blood diamonds. And they’re Solos, leading their own lives without a crowd of friends around them. And they’re as content as a Queen Bee.  

 Contentment and belief is all it takes.  You should try and ensure that only one or two friends are the main people that call you, other than family of course. If you try and keep in contact with too many, it just becomes too time consuming and even emotion consuming in some cases which you can do without. Be there for your family always however.  

This is my methodology anyway. The methodology of a True Sussist and the methodology of other Diamonds that have crossed a Sussist’s Path.  

What the heck am I doing writing this post at this hour when I have an early start tomorrow? 


4 Responses to “Solo Diamonds”

  1. TI said

    assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Hope you’re well…
    Not heard from you recently, and your blog doesn’t seem to have had all that many comments lately so thought I’d leave one.

    Anyhow, you seem to be keeping well masha’Allah… keep it up!

  2. thesussist said


    Alhamdulillaah I’m well thanks!

    You’re a solo diamond too mashaAllaah

    And this post especially woulda made sense NOT to have any comments but you went ahead and spoilt it!

    Keep it real

  3. UAMS said

    You know, i’ve always wondered why our boys are such loners. (Note to self granger, loner..not diamond) Is it because you always had family to hang with? Why was no effort made to have your own friends?

  4. thesussist said

    Because I’m a Solo Diamond. Friends were always very easy to make, at all stages. From nursery right till the end of uni. Extremely easy. Had em, tonnes of em, bathed in em, but they’re boring and I prefer being Solo with a couple of friends to occasionally contact.

    And I don’t really count family as being friends. Although they’re good for company so they might as well be friends. But they’re not really the type of friends that I speak of.

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