My First Curry

March 11, 2008

I made my first ever curry the other day!

I have the house to myself since parents have gone on holiday, so rather than eating at sisters’ houses I thought I’d fire up a curry and see how it turned out.

I love chickpeas, so it had to be them 

So I took out a wok. Draped it with a bit of olive oil and plunged in 2 tins of chick peas. Also added 1 teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of red chilli, and half a teaspoon of haldi. Added a mug of water and put the fire on full heat.

After a bit of evaporation, I added a tablespoon of fresh ginger and garlic mix, and then waited for the water to all evaporate leaving just the oil behind.

When all the water had evaporated, I added 6 tomatoes (from peel plum potatoes tin) chopped up and half a mug of water. Continued to mix to dissolve the tomatoes and to cook the chick peas further, until the water had nearly evaporated.

At this stage, add in some more water to make it lovely and watery, with a tight pinch of methi, and a generous pinch of danya or two.

Wait till it begins to boil again and stir a tad, and that’s it.. All done!

A tasty, well cooked chick pea curry with the occasional prominent tomato piece to add that zing, with a blended herb taste just to add a bit of character. Ate with naan bread.

Took me just 25 minutes!

Two tins to last me two days, so I’m due to finish the left overs in the fridge today. And tomorrow think I might try black eyed peas with the same method. Will be sure to post a pic next time iA. 


3 Responses to “My First Curry”

  1. TSO said

    You could fart yourself to work after eating 2 cans of channay. ergh.

  2. UAMS said

    that’s spicy!!

  3. thesussist said

    Errmm.. That could be a side effect of the dish yes TSO, an observation from experience I presume.

    And it was a wee spicy, I recommend half a teaspoon of red chillies or three quarter.

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