Positive Energy

March 14, 2008

If you give out positive energy, people around you will be positive, and will want to be around you to indulge in and enjoy that positive energy. Noone likes being around someone who emits negative energy, polluting the atmosphere with their negative energy.

This correlates well with the statement ‘smile and the world smiles with you’.

If you are constantly negative about yourself, people around you can sense it and don’t enjoy it. If you are positive about yourself, people can sense it and they find it uplifting for themselves.

When people first meet you, they have no alternative but to base their judgement on you according to the signals you give out. Should they have confidence in you or not? They can’t ask anyone else because noone else knows you. So the best person to ask (indirectly and subconsciously of course), is YOU because YOU know yourself better than anyone else in the world. Now if you aren’t confident about yourself, and show signs of weakness, lack confidence, have shaky knees and are nervous, it shows that not even YOU are confident about yourself so why the bloody hell should they confide in you?

Nah am sayin homes?

Therefore, it’s always important to emit positive energy. When you talk to someone, just be POSITIVE. About EVERYTHING in the world. EVERYTHING about everyone. And if you find it hard to even talk to someone new, then the best way is to shift the attention onto them i.e. the topic of discussion is about THEM and not YOU and show an ACTIVE INTEREST in what they have to say about themselves. Even if it’s what they fed their dog that morning.

Fat girls tend to emit tonnes of negative energy cause they just feel ugly and fat and lack confidence and act all negative and horrid. just negative negative about themselves and they protrude negativity in their tummies too. Some fat girls get over it and reverse it somehow and emit tonnes of positive energy.

Positive Positive Positive

That’s the secret. Don’t tell anyone.  


3 Responses to “Positive Energy”

  1. UAMS said

    I need u to do me a favour…there’s a blog called desert diaries, i want to get in touch with that sis but i cant msg her coz i have to be “logged in”. Be a flower and get her email for me please? Jazaks.

  2. UAMS said

    yay, jazakallah khair 🙂

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