The Apprentice

March 26, 2008

I get to watch the Apprentice this year, being at home and all.

Looking forward to it!

Just watched the first episode, was brilliant. One of the best lines had to be Sir Alan’s last line ‘This time u got an F cause you’re Fired!’ Classic! Said to an overly educated ‘priveleged’ barrister which seriously speaking, in the business world, has what to do with the price of fish?

The character that made me laugh the most though HAD to be Raef Bjayou. Will someone please tell him he aint starring in Sense and Sensibility?! Lol what a bloke

Raef Bjayou

 Hoping the Leicester chick does well, and hoping even more she doesn’t drink or do other crappy things, Sara Dhada makes herself out to be quite dhadi to make some bucks, but will it materialise or just make good TV? Or turn out to be a complete misrepresentation of Leicester?!

And this guy reminds me of Vinnie Jones

Lee McQueen

 Should be a good laugh inshaAllaah : ) 


5 Responses to “The Apprentice”

  1. TI said

    The barrister was privileged*… The ‘Pauper’ is actually an Aston graduate!

  2. UAMS said

    I cant watch it here, i cant believe it! Bloody bbc.

  3. Abdalla said

    Sahra is actually a cousin of my friend!

    The pauper is an Aston Graduate? Im an Aston student, how DARE HE!!!

  4. Hmmmm….I’m having an idea…maybe Sufi Shaykhs should do this Apprentice-style process to get their next students….It would actually be SO cool to see men in thowbs doing a similar thing in a board room with a man sporting grey beard.

    I really must get out more.

  5. hal786 said

    salam…finally another muslim who watches apprentice!
    please check out my site
    i got nasheeds on their and also other stuff like stuff about THE APPRENTICE
    and lol the guy u said looks like Vinnie Jones. his names lee mcqueen. i thought he looks like sylar from HEROES


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