April 2, 2008

Jenny Celerier

The face of a nasty, annoying, repulsive bully with a personality that stinks like a dead mouse.

Watching Jenny Celerier on today’s Apprentice was stomach-scrunchingly despicable from beginning right till end. What a shameful disgrace to De Montfort University. She should definitely have been OUT.

Are people THAT thick? Is it THAT hard to lead with a positive aura? On the note of positivity, what a SUPERB performance by Raef. It was genuinely enjoyable to watch him and his team lead themselves to victory.

And what a HORRENDOUS decision by Sir Alan. It’s inconceivable. I really couldn’t believe it. I was like WHAT?! Hope he isn’t keeping the other two just to make good TV.


4 Responses to “URGH”

  1. UAMS said

    nooo, no more posts about the apprentice. Im still hoping to catch it one day.

  2. thesussist said

    Toobaa: Yes she could’ve done more in the boardroom but at the time I didn’t think she wasn’t doing enough cause it was like smack bang obvious there was NO chance of her getting fired! Perhaps she thought the same. What an EVIL deceptive box indeed!

    UAMS: I’m pretty sure you can download the episodes online to watch as they’re shown week by week la?

  3. I totally agree! This woman makes me want to rip her head off and be sick down her neck! I KNOW people like this in education too…teachers so stuck up their own rear ends, they speak from their colons and and spew forth so much excrement they leave a nasty odour every time they open their mouths!

    But that Shazia had plucked eyebrows and bad dress sense. She had to go

  4. UAMS said

    yayyy, some kind souls have finally put up links for us migrants to download!! Every episode had me cringing…but i love raef, raef to win!

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