Dreadful Performance by Kevin Shaw

April 30, 2008

Kevin Shaw sucked.

Background Sara Dhada has been an utter disappointment. She needs to be a bit more assertive and add a bit more authority to her voice in a show such as The Apprentice. You can’t survive just taking criticism like that and not defend yourself. It’ll be interesting to see how she tries to involve herself a bit more in the next episode.

I hate Claire. She’s a snorter. I despise her style. Hate the way she talks. I wanna see her get beaten up.

Lucinda’s style is cool. She makes The Apprentice look like Coronation St.

Raef’s the man.

I thought Lee McQueen’d be a bit more vicious, but he only seems to be directing his frustration at the weaker candidates which makes him weak.

Alex is a stroppy boy who always looks like he’s just found a fly in his soup.

And what a hooligan michael is! Lol!





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