Raef Wins The Apprentice!

May 21, 2008

Well done Raef, you are by far the most worthy of being The Apprentice.

We all knew you’d win to be honest, it was pretty obvious a few weeks back. You composed (no pun intended) yourself well, fought like a gentleman against the gibberish of others, sold well, and taught a whole lot of people out there what it means to be a businessman with etiquette.

So a big round of applause for you, The Apprentice.

You what sorry, what was that Francis?

Sir Alan what?

Lol love, who gives a rat’s ass about Alan’s opinion? I’m not talking about Alan’s apprentice, I’m talking about *THE* Apprentice. There is NO WAY our Raef would want to be the apprentice of Alan Sugar.

Alan Sugar is after all, an evolution of Michael Sophocles. Yes darling, that slimey good Jewish boy. Aint that right, Sir Sugar?

What a Joke.


4 Responses to “Raef Wins The Apprentice!”

  1. TI said

    I’m glad Raef was fired. He should’ve gone weeks ago! Behind that façade of flowery language, he is simply defunct!

    “…a businessman with etiquette” – Erm, the guy dressed up as an over inflated bear, and in spite of that disgrace failed to sell a single item!

  2. UAMS said

    You’re mad. He was the best guy in there. Lucinda to win now! It better not be claire.

  3. W2DT said

    Claire is so gonna win (not that I want her to!)

  4. hal786 said

    hal786 again
    i know all that about Sara being indian but what about raef?
    also i want lee to win definitely

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