June 15, 2008

On this blissful Sunday morning, I find myself sitting here surrounded by Natural Hessian and Snowdrop walls, after having consumed 6 toasts and 4 eggs.

I look out the window opposite and see the branches of our tree reaching for the grey sky with their leaves dancing in the gentle playful breeze. I wonder how many families it has seen come and go from this home. Our tree.

I’m the youngest in my family. When I say that to people, they think of their young siblings and liken me to them. The next question is always ‘so are you spoilt?’ to which I proudly answer yes. But I aint really.

Would it be fair to say that we’re all the same age? That our souls are in actual fact the same age but we were just sent to this world at different times? Perhaps.

I have never been subject to loadsa responsibilities. To be perfectly honest, my life has been so laidback, care-free, and directional in the way I want it. No burdens, no stress. Just uh all the way. Praise the Lord.

Suppose responsibility is something I’ve got to get a grasp of if I wanna move on in life. Why do people want 8-10 kids (with the Lord’s leave of course) when they can just have 2 and lessen their responsibilities?

Promise me you’ll always retain the foundation of who you are. I say to them, fa shizzle ma neegs.

People say I inspire them. People say I’m amazing. People say I’m unique. But I don’t think so. They haven’t sussed me out but I have. I am The Sussist, owner of The Scrolls of Sussism. Which they can’t take from me unless I share.

One Love.


8 Responses to “Bonjour”

  1. hippydudette said

    Woah! 6 Toasts & 4 Eggs??!! Heck You Eat Alot – No Offence! =P HaHa!

  2. UAMS said

    pleeeeease tell us ur joking about the number of eggs and toast!

  3. thesussist said

    It’s true UAMS. I’m afraid it’s true.

  4. TI said

    … And then to think there are those in the world with hardly anything to eat.

  5. dp said

    I don’t think anyone has themselves sussed entirely. Unless you be as shallow as a puddle (which I like to believe no person is) we all have great depths to us – some of which we’ved sussed and some just waiting to be unearthed…in due time of course and if you’re at all bothered with the task.

    But more importantly, 6 toasts and 4 eggs? Are we taking a ‘hearty breakfast’ to heart here? Is that far too alliterative for anyone’s liking? I think so.

  6. thesussist said

    I disagree with the comment ‘we all have great depth to us’.

  7. dp said

    Assuming we share a similar understanding of ‘depth’, I just think that there is more to any individual, however shallow or superficial they appear, than meets the eye. That may just be wishful thinking but I’m more of the view that taken the time and effort and without the pressures of society and other obstacles, there is that depth there. Of course I neither have the time or effort, and I doubt many of us do, to delve deeper.

    But that raises the question: when we consider someone to be superficial, is that a superficial outlook we take on ourselves?

    There is of course a counteracting argument which if presented, I’d throw my hands up at in complete surrender and say, it was fun while it lasted.

  8. thesussist said

    I agree with the aforementioned.

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