Seashells and Rotten Bark

July 13, 2008

…And here we are again on another blissful, sunny Sunday early afternoon, having just consumed a small bowl of Cheerios and a mugga English tea. I was very tempted to go for eggs don’t get me wrong, but I have an aqeeqah (birth party – birthday party, Zero’th birthday party which most Muslims do celebrate) to attend after the afternoon prayer.

On the menu apparently there’ll be; Chicken rice, lamb curry, spinach and boneless chicken curry, sweet rice and ice cream. Followed by tea and cake!

Anyway, enough of food, and although after years of over-indulgence in food,I am proud to say I have a finger grooving 6-pack (somewhere under that tub, of course).

It’s important to look good, it’s important to be healthy, it’s important to be active. I have a friend who is 42 but looks like he’s in his late twenties mashaAllaah tabarakAllaah. He’s like 7 foot tall, and BUILT, a true B.F.G.

Anyway, enough of fitness and diets, I have realised I have a growing passion for fashion and arts. I want to go to an art gallery and analyse art. Every picture gives you a different feeling and emotion, and it’s about being able to recognise the feeling it gives you and expressing it to those around you.

It’s amaYzing (as a friend of mine would say).

Check this piece of art out,

This is while we are at a conference at Salford Uni, Manchester. What great art? I mean just look at those expressions. What could I have been telling him with that body language and a 23.53% smile, with that hand movement, and his reaction with a shocked 24% smile, proptosed eyes, hand over mouth, left elbow resting?

You see now that’s what I’m talking about.

It’s a magic, it’s an art, it’s a game. There could only be so much I could be telling him. And so much of what I could be saying is ruled out. It boggles the mind and makes it WORK. And then it plays with the heart and jumbles emotions before connecting you to one.

It sweeps me off my feet.


One Response to “Seashells and Rotten Bark”

  1. Salmaan said

    whats seashells and rotten bark got to do with the price of fish?

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