Living in The Past

July 20, 2008

Living in the past is one of the biggest mistakes that most of us make.

Every new day, every sunrise, every breakfast, brings a totally new day, new life, and new opportunities for us to achieve and move forward.

But why do we paralyse ourselves with memories from the past, clinging to them, letting them shape our personalities and hampering our progress in life.

We lose because we choose to lose.

And every day continues to pass without us reaping anything from it.

We are indeed on a journey, and every new day represents the next stop. What a waste if after hundreds of days, we’re still at the same place. Like being on a train whose line goes in a circle that doesn’t link to the next stop, but rather takes you back to the same stop.

When this is the case, where the train goes round and round, we see the same things, the same fields, our visual field remains the same, and the horizon we see is the same horizon again and again. Consequently, we become bored and our minds can only relate to the limited view we’ve seen.

For others, the train derails and joins the rail going the opposite way and we start moving backwards.

Don’t you find it frustrating?

Come with me, let us see new lands and fields, let us see more beautiful things, and let us see variety.

Let memories burn

The next station is Hope. Mind the doors please.


7 Responses to “Living in The Past”

  1. passing thru said

    heh. nice.

  2. dp said

    This is a good article, maa sha’Allaah. You make it so easy to follow your train of thought and sustain the imagery of tracks and trains — I think I’ll spare the reader(s) though.

    It does have me wondering about pasts and how many of seem to take refuge in it; why do we do that? I’d say the simplicity and innocence of it all, the joyful summers, the laughs, ball-games, general tomfoolery of our youth-filled days… yeah… *wistful sigh*…

    Ahem, anyway, cool and thought-provoking stuff. Thumbs-up all round.

  3. you need memories from the past… otherwise you’ll never know whether the train your on is just going round and round back to the same stop.

  4. Nice extended metaphor there. Well done. Keep up the literary work; it beats the mundane rubbish.

  5. UAMS said

    we want more posts! We want more posts!

  6. Islam4Ever said

    Ayna ant ya akhi

  7. Aanika said

    I hope the lack of posts isn’t leading up to the subsequent death of the Sussist.

    Belated Eid Mubarak!

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