March 1, 2009

Have you ever smelt the smell of porridge and chicken pizza? I have. I can smell it right now as I write. It’s unique and great. It’s not everyday we get to smell the smell of chicken porizza.

That branched out to a gazillion other snynapses in my mind to produce one word: WITH. Don’t ask me why. ‘WITH’ defines what it means to smell chicken porizza. On a more rational note (not that the previous was irrational), combinations, mixes and blends of people are what also make humanizzas. Have you ever tasted pineapple pizza? Similarly, have you ever seen a black girl date a Chinese?

I admit, I haven’t lost it. Ghufran said writing is fun. Then why doesn’t he write? I have such a baffled head. Ghufran deserves to be shot.

Where the heck is Imran? Do you remember Imran the Canadian? Do you remember the MG Clique and the MG House and every other thing that was MG. You think it’s all dead don’t you? Well let me tell you something: IT ISNT



One Response to “TeeHAW”

  1. Umm H said

    Yeah, forget smelling, what you been sniffing? That’s some really potent stuff you got there. Care to share? The details I mean…

    I can’t understand the connection between chicken and porridge with ‘with’…unless you mean chicken WITH porridge? And geez, what a combination.

    Ahh the MG clique. Weren’t they a myth? Either way, you sound like you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms (amongst other things). What did MG stand for anyway? Muslim Guys/Gang? Plausible possibilities.

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