Be Your Superstar

March 29, 2009

Think of someone. Someone amazing. Someone who you’d aspire to be. Even if it is me which it probably is. Now let me let you in on a little secret; That person is flesh, bones and blood. Just like you. You can be whoever you wanna be because you have that capability, because you’re also made from flesh, bones, and blood. Really, feel yourself, did you feel that bone? Now cut yourself, you see that blood?

We were all born equal. There was no difference. That difference was created by a hint of genetics and environmental factors which moulded who we’d become. And that result is YOU.

Environmental factors we can change if we so wished, but genetics we can’t really change. We all have a basic temperament which is present with us from birth. Although we cannot change that inner rooted temperament, we do have the power and capability to suppress a temperament and act in a certain way to exhibit other temperaments.

For example, some children and naturally shy and timid. Others are the opposite. This is our temperament which tends to stay with us for life. Some of these children will always be shy, they may always have that fear present with them to e.g. speak publicly, but will suppress a temperament and show themselves to be more confident. Although no-one knew they had to battle that initial fear.

To be the superstar we want to be takes sacrifices. It’s a battle against your temperament, upbringing, and environment. So you need to choose who you wanna be very very carefully. Do you want to be puff daddy? You can, but you’ll probably sacrifice a heck of alot, including your own morals. Do you want to be the top dog in your career? You can, but it’s probably gonna mean sacrificing family time.

You need to choose your superstar carefully. Sacrifices will have to be made, and you need to weigh up what’s important to you in this life and the next.

I wanted to be The Sussist and even before I could intend it and weigh things up, I became The Sussist. My temperament is Sussism, and so that made life easier.

If you’re interested in enrolling on a Sussist course, to be able to articulate the Sciences of Sussism, well let me tell you something; you CAN’T. So quit whiles your ahead son. And stop tryna be something you aint.


3 Responses to “Be Your Superstar”

  1. Gaf said

    sometimes its all about not trying tooooo hard…your actions can look too artificial occaisionally on your quest to be a superstar…at the end of the day sit back accept who you are and enjoy life and who you are over a nice cup of tea accompanied with cake rusk.

  2. thesussist said

    Word, Gaf G 😉

  3. Minaffi said

    Indeed none of us can be a sussist, therefore we can not create such great entries as seen during series 4 of The Apprentice. Where are the Sussist’s thoughts on the new lot trying to impress Sir Alan! Your audience is awaiting.

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