The Apprentice

April 9, 2009

Is it just me or has The Apprentice lost some of its buzz this year? Is it too early to say? Perhaps. Because what makes The Apprentice are its characters. Is it too early for us to spot the characters?

Boring characters = boring Apprentice. Simple as that. I’ll fire all bloody five of you if I have to.

So who do I think will survive and who do I think will go down quickly? Well, these are my predictions:

To get fired early in series:

Kimberly Davis

Lorraine Tighe

Noorul Choudhury

To get fired in the middle of the series:

Mona Lewis

Kate Walsh

James McQuillan

Howard Ebison

Paula Jones

To last till near end:

Ben Clarke

Debra Barr

Philip Taylor

Yasmina Siadatan


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