The Great Escape

October 22, 2009

There’s nothing more mind-tickling to me than the idea of an early retirement.

It doesn’t make sense to work till mid 50s, 60 or 65 even. But most people are compelled to. It’s the way the System works. If you want to provide for your family, you have to work. There’s no alternative, unless you’re so ascetic you’re content with living tight on benefits (which in actual fact isn’t a very holy thing to do).

Alternatively, if you have a very good job and can afford to work part time, say 2-3 times a week, then why not work till 50 or 60? You’ll still have 4 or 5 days to yourself. And i’d ask, why not? Sounds good to me.

But most of us can’t afford to work part time. We need to work full time. I was reading a report today about how many men don’t take paternity leave because they just can’t afford it at the governments £189 per week or so. It’s difficult. So many expenses.

So when we work 5 days a week, coming home at 6pm, we become robots. We get programmed by the System to conform until old age. And most of us have no choice, but to comply.

..may Allaah bless my sister who just brought me a lovely cuppa tea. Ta!

Some of us would be content, or forced to become contented, but i find the idea repulsive. Like thinking of a council estate lump who smells of fags mixed with sweat and greasy hair. Or Nick Griffin.

Yesterday I came home at 8pm, and thought what? 4 hours to myself? And then asleep and back to work? And it reinforced my drive for The Great Escape.

I hope to retire by 30 inshaAllaah. But no matter how hard I try, even me, The Sussist, it will not happen except with Allaah’s leave.

Now i’ve found a way out: Think of a great business idea, make money, buy houses and live off the rent. Alternatively set up a business, employ good managers and retire. But then you have to worry about the business going down. You DONT want that headache, so living off the rent is the best solution.

If you’re business fails however, it means you were digging down the wrong way and ended up hitting masses of rock. Oh well, back you go to your cell and either dig again hoping its the right way, or conform to the System and become a Systemite. Your choice.

Weehee so fun! All controlled by God.



One Response to “The Great Escape”

  1. minaffi said

    A classic Sussist post!
    Yes we would all love to own our own little property empire and live off the rent (of which mostly would comprise of state benefits!)
    But thats a dream that takes a period of time, so long, that one would enter the age of retirement!

    Good to see you’re back blogging!

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