December 9, 2009


1. a breach or infraction, as of a law, right, or obligation; violation; transgression.
2. an act of infringing.

Infringement is a consequence of human nature. I was once infringed upon. My personal space was infringed; I got beaten up.

Similarly, throughout our lives, in our daily doings, we will face infringement. Most infringment will be mental.

And do you know what the most tragic thing is? Is that we allow infringement. If you wouldn’t allow yourself to be beaten up, why allow mental infringement?

Mental infringement is graver than physical infringement. I will explain.

Peter got beaten up. He ended up with a black eye and a cut lip. After 3 days, he was fit and healthy, skipping to work and singing to himself.

Edward was a victim of mental infringement. Stuart played with his mind. He created doubts and suspicions in him regarding Edward’s wife, Jenny. Edward reacted to the mental infrindgement, who as a child had lost his girlfriend to Charlie. Edward now fuming went home and beat his wife up. They ended up in a divorce, and their two young kids had their lives torn apart. His daughter grew up to be a prostitute and his son grew up to be a heroin addict.

Now do you see why mental infringement is so serious?

We need to be emotionally aware, we need to know when our mental system is being hacked by others, and we need to be able to resist the hack. When someone infringes your mental state to cause a negative reaction in you, and you respond to his hack, you’ve lost.

So at the end of the day, it’s important to be aware of attacks. The biggest mental infringer is Satan.

Mental infringement really only takes place when the person being infringed upon actually reacts to the infringement, meaning they elicit an emotional response. This could be in the form of shouting out loud, crying, or beating someone up.

Mental infringement which doesn’t elicit an emotional response is an attempted mental infringement.



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