The Love and Pleasure of Allah

March 6, 2010

When the life of this world is put into perspective  in comparison to a never ending eternal life, we realise the importance of this life and how crucial it is.

This lifespan in comparison to the next is like the blinking of an eye, nay it is more than a  million times less than that even.

If we do well in this blinking of an eye, our eternity is sound. If we don’t do well, our eternity is ruined.

Thus it’s massive significance.

Therefore, our wish should be to die whilst Allah loves us and is pleased with us. That’s all we need. For Him to be happy with us, is great success.

But it aint as black and white as that, for there are grades of love. And all I ask for is that I die whilst I am one of the His most beloved, just after Muhammad s.a.w.

Am I asking for too much?

And to get to that station, is surely with deeds. Because Allah says that we gain His love by obligatory and supererogatory actions.

But never lose sight of the ultimate goal: Allah’s love. Had you the option of getting to that lofty station by studying for 40 years, becoming a scholar, or making tahajjud for 40 years, or by merely being just a family man performing the bear minimum, you would most definitely choose the latter due to it’s ease.

If afterall each method will gain you the same amount of Allah’s love, why burden yourself with the first two?

We know however that the truth is, we should perform deeds to gain Allah’s love.

So let us work with the ultimate goal always in sight.


2 Responses to “The Love and Pleasure of Allah”

  1. aliyah said

    Hey salllam sussist!!

    I have missed your blogs!!!They are truly refreshing and very inspirational. You are gifted with words mashallah tabarakallah, but then again you are a master of many talents.

    Look forward to your next blog!!

    Wahey!!Welcome back akhhi!!

  2. thesussist said

    Jozeeti Khaira

    Good to know.. May you gain much benefit

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