JIMAS 2010

March 14, 2010

JIMAS 2010 is coming up inshaAllah and I can’t wait.

JIMAS CONFERENCE 2010 – 2nd to 5th April – Bank Holiday Weekend

The 3 day conference held at Leicester University Halls of Residence is one amazing experience. To those of who have never attended or are double minded whether to attend or not, I have one word:


That’s it. No fancy big clever witty words no haagy daagy gobble de goo. Straight up, to the point.

It feels as though you’ve left the world for 3 days and are living in a lil Muslim Village. The area is beautifully green, and the feeling of brotherhood is immense. It is b e a u t i f u l.

Sh Salem al Amry is attending and to be quite frank he’s worth attending for if no one else is. His lectures are inspiring, motivating, and full of the fundamental essential core: Quran and Sunnah.

3 nights accommodation, three hearty breakfasts, three lovely lunches, and three succulent dinners. And I really mean tantalising lunches and dinners – rice, curries, naan bread, sweet dish. All for ONLY


What a bargain. JIMAS does not make any profit from the applications. They only just break even if not fall short (as they did last year).

So please come along and bring a friend or two to this potentially life-changing experience (the stories are many), and live together, eat together, and boost your eemaan together.

May Allah bless you.



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