The Seas of People

April 12, 2010

The crowds of people are in the next life. Seas and seas of people have passed on. There are more people there than here with us in this short transitory world.

African, Chinese, Arab, Caucasian and Latino brothers and sisters. So many of them. Enjoying, having a great time. So nice. So nice to belong to such a large and wonderful family.

You can mutilate me, but my feeling of brotherhood you will never kill. Because faith cannot be killed. Laa ilaaha illa Allah.

How amazing would it be if you stuck out from the seas in the Sight of Allah? Standing tall. Like Ibrahim a.s who stood so tall his face couldn’t be seen.

But what good is longing when its not followed with action. Allah loves actions. But you don’t act. So what are these empty words?

Who are you trying to fool?


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