Sunny Days

May 23, 2010

Allah has decreed for it to be sunny. And so it is sunny.

Here I sit in cream 3/4s and a green t shirt, a yard away from a gleaming sun ray. In it comes through the blinds, reminding me of intelligent ‘bulb-lit’ minds, meandering through their mental finds, to come up with this post which shines.

No this is not going to be all poetry.

I want to write with the energy of the sun, for indeed it is vitalising, energising and rejuvenating.

But the problem is, I dont really know what to write about.

Let’s write about Sundom. Sundom is an exaggerated state of Stardom. And I say exaggerated because in actual fact, the sun is a star and so sundom and stardom are the same but sundom just appears to be larger to us.

Many people in the world are thus. There may be two people, equal in calibre and rank, but one is well known, famous and spoken of much whilst the other known to maybe just his family. One appears to be the sun, whilse the other a very dim star. Only after examining and getting close up to the dim star will we realise that hey up, he’s the same size as the sun, if not larger!

And in reality, the dim star is a sun to a different crowd; the crowd that is close to him. Because they indeed view him as large as a sun due to proximity.

And who knows, maybe those that are close to him and see him as the Sun are better folk than the first who are enjoying the sun close to us.

So Sundom is relative.

And Who would be better to view us as high ranking creatures than the Magnificent, Most High, All Knowing Allah ‘azza wajal?

Even if the world saw us as nothing more than spacial black nothing.


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