August 30, 2010

Life is a book full of chapters. Allah has given us some control of how this book is written. It’s your life and your story.

Imagine now you’re sitting in another world reading your story of hundreds of years ago. You read and you continue to read. And all you’re thinking is had I done this or that differently this chapter woulda been like this or that.

My message and reminder to you is to escape. Escape from the book that you are currently in semi control of. Let your physical body be within the book but let your mind escape from it and write it with fun, pleasure and hindsight.

Ever wished you could dream and control each and every aspect of the dream knowing that it’s just a dream but still remaining within that pseudo-realism so that it’s pleasurable to the senses? Taking all the risks and plunging to whatever because it’s just a temporary dream?

Well now is your chance. Because hundreds of years from now when you look back to now, this will be nothing more than a dream.

This is enlightenment. Beautiful enlightenment. After reading this post, your mind will already be centuries ahead looking back at you now whilst your body remains here looking at your screen.

Dear reader, congratulations if your mind has allowed you to escape. Many congratulations, because this is not an easy task. Only a certain calibre of mind allows this escape. To many of you this post will be nothing short of a string of jumbled characters.

But to those of you who have managed to escape, enjoy your new game.


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