Journey to The South-West

August 3, 2011

From Bridgwater to Plymouth to Honiton to Exeter to Penzance to Barnstaple, Devon.

A 2 month working trek. I stayed by the sea, I stayed in the city, and I stay in luscious green fields out in the sticks by the cows.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the southwest. Being back in the city has made me appreciate how much I actually enjoy rural and coastal England. The life is peaceful. I could see myself leaving the city to recuperate in the south west.

The people were ever so pleasant. I did fall in love. A few tried to convince me to move down.


I dreamt of becoming a star. But that dream is fading.

I am in Ramadan, but I’m not quite with it.

I don’t feel like I’m present, I feel absent.

I don’t know what the near future holds in store but I hope it’s good.

We are made of clay. Moulding yourself into something different from the mould machine you’re currently attached to is never going to be easy.

I feel strange. There’s a strange hijacking of my senses. Perhaps it’s good to sleep now.


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