The Cave

September 15, 2011


Im back again. Back to a cave within my mind. A cave with mirrors. Mirrors so powerful, they generate light. Light so unique that it touches darkness and leaves it intact.

Light so uncertain, so baffling, so hypocritical at times. So difficult to read, so difficult to see. But it’s light it shouldn’t be difficult to see. “Light”. Unreal, false, far, unnatural. Deceiving.

So I find these mirrors uncomfortable for they emit an uncertain light, I wish to leave the cave but I am prevented. Prevented by ego.

Ego so cruel, ego so stealth, ego so destroying, ego so treacherous.

So I punch ego in the face and the light turns off.

It becomes cold, dark, wet and scary. There’s no energy flow, there’s no ambition, there’s no drive, there’s no sound, there’s no life.

Except for the sound of a hissing snake.

So I find a hole in the ground and fall through it. I come to an Oasis surrounded by curtains. Curtains so red, as red as a rose. I want to touch. I touch and it ignites. The curtains burn and the Oasis dries up. I stand in the dried up Oasis and look towards the red sky. I see stars.

Stars so bright, so far, so magnificent. I aspire.

My feet become wet as the Oasis begins to fill up with water. I run to the banks before I drown. But I’m too late, I drown.

So uncertain.


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