And Breeeaaath

September 11, 2012

What a long breath that was. Right, I’m back. Enough of this procrastination and let’s get down to verbal business. So verbal it’s insane, so commercial it hits FTSE 100 charts.


I am too funny. Oh yes I am. Time to straighten my ring, la7dhah shwayya..

Done. After losing 3.73 stones in 7 months my ring has become too loose. So loose it’s sometimes 110 degrees off. And so I moved it to my middle finger for better stability, but the other day Sh Assim ul Hakeem was staring at it (hardly surprising being THE ring it is) and advised me that it’s haraam to wear it on the middle. So I moved it back to the original finger – the one next to the pinky (right hand).

Oh my it just hit. Perhaps that why I’m back to blogging? The energy created by the ring connecting to the original finger emitting galactic synaptic responses pushing that Sussist button within my brain (under the chap hat) to bring a Sussist back to blogging



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